voices of industry

Voices of Industry is an ongoing investigation of fiber and agriculture, of craft and contextual concern. The garments we produce are embodied objects, vernacular meditations on a particular piece of land and the stewards who reside there. 

We approach our work in the spirit of longitudinal study, revisiting a set of landscapes each year to observe and document the evolution of land and fiber. 

Field work is fundamental to our understanding of material origin and informs each successive part of our studio practice. We examine context through the lens of post-pastoral consideration. 

We consider the yarn we spin as data, extracted meaning from a discrete period in time and space. 

Weaving, then, becomes an act of synthesis; cloth, an embodied story, coded and complete.


Adele Stafford is an artist based in Northern California. She began this project in 2013 and hand weaves each piece on her Ahrens Violette mechanical dobby looms.