West Texas Organic Cotton 18/2

West Texas Organic Cotton 18/2

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Voices of Industry began with a search for weaving yarn that came from a compelling place. In turn, I am inspired to offer limited editions of the yarn that we source, design and spin as an invitation to fellow weavers who feel kinship in the stories of stewardship that inform our woven work.  

This organic cotton yarn is the purest expression of the fiber from which it originated, grown on the plains of West Texas and spun by a family mill in North Carolina. We had the fiber combed before spinning, removing short fibers and impurities to achieve the highest quality unmercerized organic yarn. 

  • 18/2, 7560 yards per pound

  • Cones weigh approximately 1lb. 

  • Recommended sett: Tabby, 30-32 EPI: Twill, 32-35 EPI

  • Natural white, no bleach or dye

  • Certified Organic through Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative

The journey of this yarn began a year ago with a trip to Lubbock, Texas to meet a group of renowned organic cotton farmers, visit their community gin and learn more about the current state of organic farming as new GMO cotton breeds enter the landscape. Standing on the narrow piece of land that divides the organic cotton fields from their conventionally grown neighbors offered an intensely palpable recognition of what's at stake.  This yarn pays tribute to the stewardship of these Texan farmers. 

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