Broken Grid Wool Cloth

Broken Grid Wool Cloth


If even the air is folding as we speak, 
I want my words to land proudly
on its collapsing curves.

When I resist, may the lines be acute. 
When I yield, may they repose with grace.

Black Thorn wool cloth to be used as a generous wrap or intimate throw. 

Inlaid graphite lines form a broken grid pattern along both warp and weft. 

Hemlines are sewn by hand while the cloth is still on the loom, a time-intensive finishing process that leaves elegant evidence of the hand. 

Sizing and Fit: 32" x 80"

Care: We've wet finished the cloth in warm water and tumble dried it on low to finish the weaving process. We recommend that you wash it by hand in cold water with gentle soap. A good pressing with steam will return the wool to it's current lustrous state. 

Minor imperfections are inherent to the hand crafted process and should be celebrated as such. 

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