Buckled Wool Cloth III , White Overshot

Buckled Wool Cloth III , White Overshot




Wrap/ Throw with hand hem-stitched ends and selvedge edges. 
Black Thorn wool in a buckled, bark-like texture on a West Texas organic cotton warp. 

A fragment of overshot weaving makes its way across the cloth, an homage to the traditional Appalachian coverlet weavers who worked along the mountain range where Black Thorn Farm resides. 

Overshot is an iconic American weaving draft, commonly seen as patterned coverlets woven in the 1700s and 1800s. It is considered a three-element woven structure relying on two wefts, one that forms the ground cloth and one that forms the pattern. 

These fragments are hand drawn during the weaving process, each organic and unique. 

  • 50% organic wool from Black Thorn Farm in Sandy Mush, NC; 50% organic cotton from West Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Co-op
  • Hand woven in Oakland, CA on an Ahrens Violette mechanical dobby loom

Care: We've washed the cloth in warm water and fulled it to achieve its buckled texture. We recommend that you wash it by hand in cold water with gentle soap. A good pressing with steam will return cloth to its current state.

Minor imperfections are inherent to the hand crafted process and should be celebrated as such. 

All sales are final; feel free to contact us with any questions prior to purchasing.

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