Diptych II

Diptych II


Hand woven 2-panel diptych, connected by the warp on which it was woven.
An indigo drawing runs across each panel.

This object is intended to live two lives.
As connected, it is a table runner, a dressing for a bureau or a drawing to drape over the back of a chair. Once separated into two pieces, the drawing becomes fragmented and the cloth takes on a more intimate relationship with the body and with space. Use it as a hand towel to elevate drying dishes or clean hands. Let it be the surface for your favorite rotation of objects, a resting place for a salt cellar and candlestick on your dining table.

Cutting the warp threads is the final- and sacred- act in the weaving process. The moment is yours to define, be it highly ritualistic or completely spontaneous. I recommend very sharp shears to get a clean edge across the hems. All horizontal edges have been hemstitched so no additional sewing is necessary . Cut and use.

Hand woven from 100% organic, naturally colored cotton farmed by Sally Fox of Capay Valley, CA. 

Each panel is approximately 16" x 25". A diptych is approximately 52" long.

Wash on the gentle cycle in a front loading washing machine and tumble dry on medium. A firm pressing will return the cotton to its lustrous state.

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