basket lace, pillow 2

basket lace, pillow 2


for lounging on sofa or bed,
the VOI wool-filled pillow.

basket weave in solid pale khaki.

pillow cover is woven in our basket lace with plain weave on the back and selvedge sides. includes a hand woven insert stuffed with wool batting from Ariana Strozzi's Dorset flock in Valley Ford, California. 

this cotton is truly mystical.

sally fox has spent the last 30 years evolving the color and fiber properties of this ancient plant. her biodynamic approach to farming and empathetic approach to breeding have produced an exquisite and celebratory fiber. we are privileged to have spent time with the cotton in sally's field as well as at the loom. all of the color comes directly from the plant. 

  •  color block woven in basket lace and plain weave
  • 100% organic, naturally colored cotton grown and spun in the U.S.
  • hand woven in san francisco, ca
  • approximately 27" x 17"

care: we've washed the pillow cover in warm water and tumble dried it on low to finish the weaving process. we recommend that you wash it by hand with cool water and line dry. a good pressing will return it to it's current state. 

this cotton will deepen in color for the first 50 washings; enjoy the evolution! 

minor imperfections are inherent to the hand crafted process and should be embraced as such.

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