Cloth, White Twill

Cloth, White Twill


Hand woven throw/ wrap with a subtle white grid inlay.

We think of this cloth as elevated muslin, a pure expression of the organic cotton fiber from which it originated, buttery and luxe in its hand and drape. Each garment has a woven 'watermark', a gradated line of natural green cotton that will deepen with each wash, a reminder of its connection to the living landscape. 

The journey to this cloth began a year ago with a trip to Lubbock, Texas to meet a group of renowned organic cotton farmers, visit their community gin and learn more about the current state of organic farming as new GMO cotton breeds enter the landscape. Standing on the narrow piece of land that divides the organic cotton fields from their conventionally grown neighbors offered an intensely palpable recognition of what's at stake.  This cloth pays tribute to the stewardship of these Texan farmers. 

  • 100% organic cotton grown in West Texas and spun in North Carolina
  • Hand woven in Oakland, CA on an Ahrens Violette mechanical dobby loom
  • Hem stitched while still on the loom
  • 31" x 72"

Care: We've washed the shirt in warm water and tumble dried it on low to finish the weaving process. We recommend that you wash it by hand in cold water with gentle soap. A good pressing with steam will return the cotton to it's current lustrous state. 

Minor imperfections are inherent to the hand crafted process and should be celebrated as such. 

All sales are final; feel free to contact us with any questions prior to purchasing.

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